This collection documents the first few years of the 3rd Millennium. I was based in London working as an editorial photographer working for; The Face, Sleazenation and Q Magazine. I was commissioned to travel the world documenting artists and youth subcultures.

The internet was in its infancy, so there wasn’t much research happening. Facebook, Instagram and mobile camera phones were yet to exist. The digital camera was still in development, we were all still shooting film. 

Looking back, it was a dream job. I’d get a phone call from a picture editor / art director informing me I was off to another country to photograph a club, festival or musician.

MILLENNIUM DAWN aims to show the feeling, attitude and spirit of this time.

The images in this collection were shot on my Mamiya 7ii and Fujifilm GA645Zi medium format film cameras using Kodak Portra 400vc