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An Ode to: the british telephone box

The 'TBTB' series, photographed in London

On the streets of London, The British Telephone Box stands battered and beaten. A disused relic from our recent history, still used by a small minority, but mainly forgotten. ’An Ode To: The British Telephone Box’ documents the last ones standing - this is my visual poem.


The 'Trace' series, photographed in London

‘Trace’ is a photographic documentation of the detritus found on the streets in my neighbourhood in London. I like think of these man made objects as artefacts from the year 2015-17. Treated like pieces of evidence, they are not moved, but photographed as found; at close range, magnified, isolating them from their wider surroundings. Graphic and colourful, they draw the viewer in for further investigation. The different textures of concrete giving us an indication of their urban location. Through piecing together these fragments, remains and residue, 'Trace' builds a portrait of us, and our daily interaction with our environment - reflecting back an image of ourselves through the things we discard or leave behind.


The 'Monobloc' series, photographed in Vietnam

"On the street's of Vietnam the Monobloc table and chair are an integral part of the landscape. Each morning the street vendors lay them out in new formations. They serve the Vietnamese workers, friends and lovers.

I photographed the Monobloc's as i found them. They reminded me of working, functioning, transitory installations. I was interested in the absence of people, that brief moment between the furniture being used. In this moment the different pieces of furniture seem to take on their own character"


The 'Sống' series, photographed in Vietnam

Vietnam - defined by its street culture, it has its own rhythm and pace, a vibrant never ending kaleidoscope of beauty, energy and chaos - where life's dramas are played out.

Variations of translations of Sống from Vietnamese to English:

Sống - Raw / live / be living / be alive / To be born, live then die

Sống chết - Life and death

Sống còn - Exist

Bức tranh Sống - A vivid picture, a life like picture


The 'Bloody Chunks' series, photographed in Vietnam

‘Bloody Chunks’ is a body of work that documents the hardcore underground metal scene in Saigon, Vietnam from 2012-2014. Vietnam a country i lived in for 6 years. Photographed on black and white film. 

This series won New York Magazine's PDN 2014 Music Award, has been exhibited in London and Saigon. Press includes: Huck, i-D / Vice and made the cover / feature for Black and White Magazine:


The 'Untitled' series, photographed in Vietnam


________ambiguous moments__________________

__________that moment in-between_________something happening,

________________the gaps_____________between thoughts,

__________________Quiet moments of contemplation____________

_______________________Amongst the noise of living

McDonalds LAND

Communist Vietnam's first McDonald's officially opened for business on the 8th February 2014. Amid thumping techno music and live performances, hundreds of people lined up in 33'C heat from 8am to be the first to sample McDonald's food. Located in District 1 this McDonald's branch has a 24hr drive- thru service uniquely catering for Vietnam's motorbike culture. Over the opening weekend it was estimated that over twenty thousand customers passed through their doors. 

TRUE Africa

Commissions by TRUE Africa took me to Togo and Liberia to document famous African men returning to their homeland to inspire and launch their own initiatives.

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor's - SEA Foundation (Togo) aims to fund and support youth projects in his homeland Togo. “It is about finding the next generation of entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians and artists, helping young people fulfil their potential wherever their talents lie”

Singer / songwriter Akon's was in Liberia with 'Akon Lighting Africa'. His initiative “aims to develop innovative solar powered solutions, that will provide African villages with access to clean and affordable sources of electricity. Liberia, in recent times has dealt with civil war, corruption, and ebola. In these times of change, young people have found new role models and new inspiration and look forward to a positive future ahead”

Whilst in Liberia we caught up with the MC's, producers, and artists from Liberia’s 'HiPCO' music scene are not afraid to challenge the system and the government.