I'm a British photographer who has been photographing for the past 30 years. I was lucky enough to pick up a camera aged 15 and haven't looked back since. I studied photography at Bournemouth Art School, UK. After Bournemouth, I spent the next 15 years based in London working as an editorial photographer, working for titles which included; The Face, Sleazenation and Q Magazine. This enabled me to travel the world, commissioned to document artists and youth subcultures. As a photographer, it was an exciting time to be sent abroad and document a far away youth scene or artist and be expected to come back with the goods. 

It was the dawn of the New Millennium, the digital camera was still in development, we professional photographers were all still shooting film. The internet was in its infancy, so there wasn’t much research happening. Facebook, Instagram and mobile camera phones were yet to exist. 

My film cameras at this time were; Mamiya 7ii, Fujifilm GA645i and a Contax T-2. I never had much interest in photoshopping my work. I wanted to capture a feeling, a spirit. My work was an instinctive reaction and intuitive response to any given person, place or time. Whether it's a Marilyn Manson fan or Kelis backstage at the MOBOs my approach was the same.

This work from the late 90’s to 2005 makes up the ‘The Film Collection’. 

In 2009 I moved to Vietnam where I lived for the next 6 years. I fell in love with Vietnamese culture and its people - Vietnam, a communist country embracing capitalism and undergoing rapid economic and cultural development. This provided the backdrop to a series of long-term photographic projects ('Bloody Chunks', 'Untitled', 'Song' and 'Monobloc') entitled 'The Vietnam Collection'.  This body of work explores Vietnamese life - in all its raw unadulterated beauty.  

In 2015 I returned to London, I experienced a kind of reverse culture shock, this provided me with a fresh / outside perspective - this time turning my lens on the city of London. Inspired by my surroundings and interested in our relationship with our environment. My projects ‘Monobloc’ (Vietnam) ‘Trace’ and ‘An Ode To: The British Telephone Box’ (England) have been investigating the mundane objects found in the street. I like to think of these man made objects as artefacts from the 21st Century. Treated like pieces of evidence, they are not moved, they are photographed as found. These works, though absent of people, examine human presence and the aftermath of human activities. At first glance what could be seen as inanimate objects, start to take on their own character and tell their own stories.

Since 2020 I have been working with photography, neon paints / powders and black light to create psychedelic artworks for the 3rd Millennium. This first collection is inspired by ‘Closed Eye Hallucinations’. Under psychedelics, when your eyes are closed the brain may function ‘as if’ there is a visual input when there is none - creating kaleidoscopic patterns.   

The original artworks were Acrylic paint on tissue, lit by black light) were painted in 1991 in the height of my raving days. Whilst going through my photographic archive In 2020, I found these artworks. I spent the following year digitally reimagining them to create KALEID{E}SCAPES.  

Feel free to contact me directly at info@neilmassey.com