'The Film Collection' (1999-2005) is a body of work photographed on film, using my Mamimya 7ii, Fujifilm GA645zi and Contax T2 cameras. 
During this time I lived in London and worked as an editorial photographer shooting youth culture and musicians for then style bible - The Face and the new mag on the block - Sleazenation. 'The Film Collection' captures the youth tribes and musicians at this juncture heading into the new millennium. This was a time when the first camera phone had just been invented (2001), a time when face book and youtube were yet to be launched (2004). 

Looking back, I guess we were lucky; It was a golden era of sorts in the magazine world. These magazine titles were paying photographers a decent day rate and covered our film processing costs to travel the world to shoot artists and youth culture. The digital camera was in development, but we were all still shooting film. The internet was in its early stages so there wasn’t much research happening. As photographers, it was an exciting time to be sent abroad and document a far away youth scene or artist and be expected to come back with the goods.

Pre-smart phones and 24hr connectivity. This body of work examines identity, community, being young, rebellion, expression and the human spirit.

Text by Neil Massey