In 2009 Sixty percent of the population in Vietnam were under 30, most living with their parents until marriage. For the Vietnamese youth, pressure to conform comes from all sides - the Communist Government, the state run media and the family unit itself.

In 2010 I went to a free rock/metal gig in Saigon were I witnessed an arena full of teenagers going crazy. The fans passion and energy resonated with me, It reminded me of the punk gigs I first went to as a teenager in the UK in the mid-80’s.

Over the next two years I noticed a breakaway group of bands and dedicated fans were getting into more extreme types of metal music known as – death, brutal, raw and grindcore. These sporadic gigs would take place in 80’s style mirrored disco’s, run down shopping malls at the city’s limits and in peoples living rooms sometimes shut down at the last minute.

As Trung from Saigon grindcore band ‘Wuu’ explains “Vietnamese people are still afraid of this kind of music, black, death, brutal and grindcore is still something that can’t be understood by them”

These impromptu DIY underground metal shows from 2012-2014 are ‘Bloody Chunks’.

Text by Neil Massey

Bloody Chunks is part of The Vietnam Collection 2009-2015