It was May 2002 at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington D.C. I was there  photographing the HFStival a Rap / Rock affair - when all hell broke loose. A spokesperson for the D.C. Fire & Emergency Services was quoted in The Baltimore Sun saying “During the all-day concert there had been aggressive dancing in the front of the stage known as the mosh-pit. People were jammed up together and engaged in certain rituals that include body surfing, which is the passing of people over the crowds heads”.

Acts playing included; N.E.R.D. The Strokes, Sum 142, The Hives and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but it was when Eminem came on that the crowd lost their shit and surged forward towards the stage. 30 people got injured and the gig was delayed for about 20mins, but it was Eminem and his crew D12 who pleaded with the crowd..”D.C. BACK THE FUCK UP” so the medics could get in and help the crushed.

Later that night, D.J. Paul Oakenfold, who I was actually there to photograph, finished off the festival with his signature party vibe bangers.

-Neil Massey-